HarvestThe.Net is a software development company. We specialise in cloud-based applications, website development, e-commerce, custom software development and systems integration. We are very technical and have been servicing a diverse client based across all sectors for more than 16 years. Clients choose us because we are approachable, thorough, innovative and value long-term relationships. We like solving complex requirements and scoping scalable applications that leverage off web based technologies. We are located in Surry Hills and do all our core software development in Sydney, Australia.
How We Work

Our resources match our workflow with project managers, front-end developers, database specialists, testers and support staff. We are not an agency but agencies use our services to deliver their outcomes. We like technical, we like working with transaction based systems and large amounts of data.

Many businesses come to us for implementation, they bring their creative team, branding or designs and we deliver the technical outcomes.

We enjoy building solutions that make businesses more efficient and profitable. We don’t have a single coding language although many of our corporate clients like the ROI we can provide by developing in the .Net framework.

We’re not into selling the latest buzz words but we use many of the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver the final solution. By using, and integrating with, cloud based services we can provide streamlined outcomes, improved processes and reduced admin time.

Right now we are doing a lot with Elastic Search, Xero, Redis, Alexa, Audio Recognition Technologies & Fingerprinting, DynamoDB, Salesforce and Highrise. As with all things, this is always changing.

We also like music and do a lot of development that involves digital asset management, content distribution and management. This has meant we have unique expertise in the development and delivery of music search engines and players.

Work With Us

We only employ on a full time basis and ideally we look for someone who is already based in Sydney. We value our long term employees and as a result are looking for applicants who are after a secure, long term role.

If you’re interested in a role at Harvest please send us an email with an outline of your experience and the work you would like to be doing.

*Recruiters please don’t waste our time and yours by sending us candidates.